Ah nostalgia. We all know the saying “back in the good old days” but nothing says that more than Hollywood these days. With the recent releases in the cinema and some others yet to come, it’s made me realise that Hollywood has really started focus on our nostalgia.

What made me realise this today is I recently found out that the original Short Circuit has been green lit for a re-make (,59998/).

Now Short Circuit was a brilliant film about a robot showing the humans their human side. Now without getting into all the stuff underneath, that itself is a good premise. And with the success of Short Circuit 2, you could say it made quite an impact. Short Circuit was released in 1986, I myself didn’t see it until the 90s (something to do with not being born yet) but it’s a fantastic film, engraving the image and voice of character Johnny 5 in the hearts of many movie goers. What Hollywood saw was potential to make money by feeding of that nostalgia. In terms of business it’s a pretty good idea. I mean 2011 alone saw a big list of “nostalgia” films. We had the live-action adaptation of the 1981 animation of The Smurfs along with the many comic book adaptations such as Captain America, Green Lantern and Thor. I mean even Winnie The Pooh got a reboot. Feeding of the nostalgia of the younger audience we have the next film in the Spy Kids series, Spy Kids: All The Time in The World, set for release August 19th this year.

Along with 2012 seeing another reboot of the Spiderman franchise and the film adaptation of the 1931 board game known as Battleship, I’m guessing there’s a lot more “nostalgia” films to come.

However, something in the back of my head is just telling me that this is all a sign that’s saying that Hollywood is starting to run out of ideas. I mean don’t get me wrong, some of the reboots/remakes/adaptations are brilliant, I mean Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is proving that, but it’s only so many times they can get it right, and so many more times they can get it wrong, Transformers is the perfect example of that.

That’s not to say that they aren’t making any original films, they are still a few of those coming up, but looking at the film releases over the next few years, I’m mainly seeing remakes and sequels and it really saddens me that Hollywood has to feed our nostalgia in order to get a quick profit. I hope that further down the line they start to take their time, and come up with many more ORIGINAL films and let the past be the past.

One thought on “Nostalgia

  1. It is crazy how many remakes there are these days. I think it’s always been cyclical, but the turnaround now is so quick. And you’re right, there are fewer people taking chances and willing to be original. It’s less risky to just keep adapting a proven storyline and pitch an idea that’s previously had commercial success…unfortunately. Great insight and points!

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