Looking at: Interstellar

Gonna say this now, SPOILERS ahead. It’s a good film and you should watch it. Something I would say is that if you didn’t understand Inception, you will have a tough time with this film, but it shouldn’t put you off because it can be easy going if you let it. If you don’t want to know more than that, stop reading now.

Now, Interstellar is the latest film by Christopher Nolan, the mastermind behind the bendy films of Inception and Memento. The story is how a group of astronauts go off to find a new home for the human race. The film is a visual masterpiece and very accurate with regards to it’s science. At just under three hours running time, it’s a very easy moving epic which doesn’t feel long. It’s a roller coaster adventure that takes you from Earth to the far reaches of space.

I personally enjoyed it very much. I’m a big science-geek with regards to space travel and the fact that it was doing wormholes and black holes properly was very exciting. Just the scale of the film was epic, it felt very epic. The amount of stuff they went through in the film was astronomical. However, the film does fall down in some aspects. When it came to the emotional scenes, I felt they weren’t properly dealt with. Now I wasn’t following the development of the film as I wanted to go into it with a fresh mind but I learnt recently that the film was intended for Steven Spielberg to direct, which does show through these emotional scenes. Nolan is known for having very emotionally absent films; the complexity of the story and science behind the film is right up his alley but with the emotions and humanity side of the film is probably better suited for Spielberg. However with the two big tear-jerker moments, they did deliver.

However, what I really want to get down to is the third act. Now there are three big reveals in this film, two of which I saw coming and the third is somewhat predictable once you think about it. In the final act, McConaughey’s character, Cooper, goes into a black hole. Doing so he enters what is called the fifth dimension. I’m not gonna explain what that is as it is a very complex subject so I will leave this link for you to read up on. (Fifth Dimension) But in short I would say that if you take someone’s life, and track their point from birth to death, the fifth dimension is every possibility that could happen and you can interact with it (I think, this is rather deep stuff). So there’s Cooper with his daughter’s life around him. Earlier in the film, these “ghostly” occurrences leads Cooper to NASA where he then goes on to his mission. We find out that these occurrences are Cooper himself in the fifth dimension. Now I was watching this bit thinking “yeah that’s pretty good, pretty sad in parts…but something’s not right”. And they use the “love will conquer all” answer which was hinted earlier in the film. Now this is something that has to be handled very well. It’s very easy to get wrong and I’ve seen it fall in the past. This was the part that Spielberg would’ve excelled at, this had his name all over it. Sadly with Nolan, it wasn’t really executed perfectly. It was ok, but not what I would like.

All in all, I really enjoyed the film, I came out of it mind blown but I did sit there at points thinking “this scene is uncomfortable”, and unfortunately, it is the emotional scene and that third act. People have been asking me is it better than Inception and is it Nolan’s best film. It’s not Nolan’s best film, that title still belongs to Memento. Is it better than Inception? That’s very difficult to say as they are very different films. Inception is more enjoyable, but Interstellar is smarter. What I went in wanting to watch is a very thought-provoking film which is enjoyable, which is what I got. This is the same I got with Inception but the enjoyment outweighs the thought-provoking. If you want to enjoy a film that makes you think a bit, watch Inception. If you want to come out experiencing a very fun and thought-provoking space journey, watch Interstellar.

Enjoy the trailer.

2 thoughts on “Looking at: Interstellar

  1. Great review! I like how you compared it to Inception and suggested this film is ‘smarter.’ I think that’s a great way to put. I really, really enjoyed this film, as well. You make good points about the emotional scenes. The most emotional for me was after they left the first planet and Cooper watches the videos from his kids and sees how they’ve aged. I got the feels from that one.

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