Looking at: Entourage

Well I spent a lot of this laughing. Not with the film, but at the film. It was that bad.

Story: bunch friends want to make it big in Hollywood. Lead guy is a big shot actor and is directing his first feature, and boom it’s a success.

Now I haven’t seen the TV show, nor will I, and I heard pretty bad stuff anyway so I had low expectations. But man this is so bad, it didn’t even meet those. This is the most racist and sexist piece of cinema I have seen in a very long time. It’s not funny, the characters are all horrible people and the film is on their side. When you have a film with horrible people, they are suppose to satirized not praised. The director goes to say that this is the male fantasy. I am offended to think that this guy would go to say that every male living would fantasize about being hollow idiots with no respect for the people that surround them. There are even points in the film where the characters were to be taught a lesson due to their misdealings, but it just glosses over it all. The film looks on smuggly and allows these vile creatures to get away with anything. If they had killed someone the film would’ve let them get away with it through the power of believing they are better than everyone and that they should all bow at their knees. There are some cameos which are somewhat funny but that’s not enough to save this film.

If there were some explosions in this it would be a Michael Bay film. It has the same level of offensive and disgusting material as Transformers. There are racist stereotypes, women treated as objects and morally bankrupt characters. All the cameos that happened looked as if they were embarrassed to be there.

Don’t watch this, it’s worse than Transformers, it’s worse than Movie 43, it’s worse than anything that’s made it to the big screen. If it weren’t for the TV show, I feel it wouldn’t even made it there.

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