Local Heroes (3)

Here it is. The final product. The finished piece. It has been a great journey. I would like to thank Dan and Ryan from Local Heroes for the opportunity to work on this project. It has been a lot of fun. I would also like to thank to students of Luton Sixth Form College for taking part in the video, to thank my friend and mentor Phil Dickson-Earle and his sons for taking part, and last but no where near least to the talented Joe John Wiggins for scoring the video.

Check out the guys’ webpages.

Local Heroes: http://www.lhdiversity.org.uk/
Joe John Wiggins: https://soundcloud.com/joejohnwiggins

Without further ado, I present Local Heroes.

Local Heroes (2)

Another day of filming comes to a close. Today Ryan and I went out to the lovely area of Beaconsfield where we met the one and only Greg Wise. Greg is a patron for Local Heroes and he was the final piece to our project as he provided the ending to the video. A very lovely man to have met and hope to see him in the future.

Also recently, I have been filming students at Luton Sixth Form College to add more content to the video. Now the filming days have come to a close, we are moving towards the editing days.

Stay tuned.


Now this was an awesome day. Just a day of filming a fantastic band. Simpsontentwelve is a family gospel band from London and they were recording a live album in Letchworth. I went there to film their performance with ATP Media. Here are some pics.





The hall was filled with such life and energy as the music rung through. With the band on the main stage, they had an audience who would get involved with the performance. Great talent.

Check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Simpsontentwelve

Also this van is amazing!


Uprising (1)

Just got back from a pretty good shoot. Filming for Uprising, a UK wide youth leadership development organisation. The shoot today was for a debate between local MPs and young people. A great way to get young people involved in the world of politics and make them aware of what is going on with their government and how to make a difference.


Edit coming soon.

Rooftop Jesus: The Edit

Editing is on the way for Rooftop Jesus. Finally synched all the audio, sounding great. Footage looks amazing, had the great pleasure of using some great kit from ATP Media (shout out @ATPMedia). Just look forward to the grade and music. Here’s a still from a temporary grade.

Test grade

And yes that is FCP7, can’t kill the best. Although will probably grade in either After Effects or might try my hand at Speedgrade.

Anyway, that’s how that’s looking, will post soon when we have a first cut.


Local Heroes (1)

So a new project I’ve been working on. In July I was approached by Dan Coxon and Ryan Doyle, associate director and founder for Local Heroes, to create a video for the charity. The purpose of which was to promote anti-hate crime awareness. As someone who’s up for raising awareness, especially in this field, I jumped at the opportunity. The video features various celebs talking to the camera about scenarios of hate crime.

Fast forward a few weeks and here I am, writing from Exeter train station with a coffee and free wifi, coming from the first day of shooting. We’ve had three interviews today with many more to come in various parts of the UK. A very exciting project for an excellent cause.

More to follow.