Looking at: Fast and Furious 7

Gonna put it out there, I had very little expectations for this film. I’ve seen the first and fifth film and didn’t like either. I had to give this a watch due to the $300 million it made in the first three days. What drove the hype around this film was Paul Walker’s death in the film.

Now, the film was a lot better than expected. Yeah it had the normal action film tropes which couldn’t be ignored but it’s called fast and furious so what you’re gonna expect. The story, Jason Statham is seeking revenge for his brother being in hospital which is what the protagonists did. He hunts the, down, there’s shootings, driving, killings, helicopters, drones etc. It’s a story that a child could’ve come with. A constant repeat of set ups with even more ridiculous and unachievable goals. But hey it’s dumb fun. I use the word fun very loosely however.

But the film’s biggest achievement was through it’s sentiment. There’s a big feel of family and loyalty among the characters which does make them interesting and pushes the film beyond the standard action film. Walker’s death was handled very well and respectfully in the film, I won’t say what happens to him but the film does give a very fitting tribute to him throughout the film which is where it shines.

Not a groundbreaking film, but enjoyable.